A campervan guide to Pembrokeshire


The county of Pembrokeshire.


We were asked by the Dubbed Out Community for a campervan guide to Pembrokeshire, so here is the low down on this beautifuls county nestled in the southwestern corner of Wales. With its breathtaking landscapes, historic sites, and charming seaside towns, Pembrokeshire is a great destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. There’s no better way to explore this region than by embarking on a campervan journey, allowing you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

In this campervan guide to Pembrokeshire, we will take you through 10 must-see tourist destinations in the county. From the medieval charm of Tenby to the rugged cliffs of the Marloes Peninsula, each destination offers a unique blend of landmarks, historical sites, activities, and campsites perfectly suited for campervan owners. Whether you’re seeking ancient castles, idyllic beaches, or captivating wildlife encounters, Pembrokeshire has it all.

Check out St. Davids Cathedral, the birthplace of Henry VII in Pembroke Castle, and the beauty of Saundersfoot’s sandy shores. Visit Fishguard with its rich tapestry of history, or go on on coastal walks along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path with some amazing views. From water sports to walks in nature, there’s an abundance of activities to suit every adventurer’s taste. To make your journey easier, we’ve suggested some campsites that provide the perfect base for your campervan adventure.


1. Tenby:


– Landmarks: Explore the medieval town walls, visit the iconic Tenby Harbour, and stroll along the picturesque Castle Beach.

– Historical Sites: Discover the fascinating history of Tenby at Tenby Museum and Art Gallery.

– Activities: Enjoy water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, and boat trips to Caldey Island.

Look up “Tenby Adventure” for kayaking.

Search “Tenby boat trips” for seal safari and Caldey Island cruises. An adult ticket is around £20 and a family ticket around £60.

– Campsites: Tenby Holiday Park and Kiln Park Holiday Centre offer campervan facilities and proximity to the town.

a view of Tenby


2. St. Davids:


– Landmarks: Visit St. Davids Cathedral, the stunning centerpiece of the city, and explore the Bishop’s Palace ruins.

– Historical Sites: Discover the history of the area at the St. Davids Visitor Centre.

– Activities: Take coastal walks along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, and visit Whitesands Bay for surfing and beach activities.

– Campsites: Caerfai Bay Caravan and Tent Park is located near St. Davids and offers campervan facilities.

st davids
st davids cathedral


3. Pembroke:


– Landmarks: Explore the impressive Pembroke Castle, one of the largest castles in Wales.

– Historical Sites: Visit the birthplace of Henry VII at Pembroke Castle and learn about its fascinating history.

– Activities: Explore the nearby Bosherston Lily Ponds and enjoy walks along the stunning Barafundle Bay.

– Campsites: Freshwater East Caravan and Motorhome Club Site is close to Pembroke and provides campervan facilities.

Bosherston Lily Ponds


4. Saundersfoot:


– Landmarks: Relax on the beautiful sandy beach and enjoy the scenic Saundersfoot Harbor.

– Historical Sites: Visit the nearby Colby Woodland Garden and explore its charming gardens and estate.

– Activities: Take a boat trip to see the offshore wildlife, or enjoy coastal walks to nearby towns like Tenby.

– Campsites: Moreton Farm Leisure Park and Meadow Farm Campsite are popular campsites near Saundersfoot.

Saundersfoot Harbor
Saundersfoot Harbor


5. Fishguard:


– Landmarks: Explore the historic Fishguard Fort and enjoy panoramic views of the harbor.

– Historical Sites: Visit the Last Invasion Tapestry, depicting the 1797 French invasion of Fishguard.

– Activities: Take a ferry to Ireland from Fishguard Port or enjoy walks along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

– Campsites: Fishguard Bay Resort and Abercastle Campsite cater to campervan owners.

Fishguard Bay Resort
Fishguard Bay Resort


6. Newport:


– Landmarks: Enjoy the scenic beauty of Newport Bay and visit Newport Castle ruins.

– Historical Sites: The Normans settled in Newport and built a castle beside the river Usk in the 12th century, the remains of which you can see today. The town received its first Charter in 1385. The discovery of the remains of a sea-going vessel in 2002 gives evidence of Newport as a centre of industry and trade in the mediaeval period.

– Activities: Go hiking in the nearby Preseli Hills or enjoy water activities in Newport Bay.

– Campsites: Parc Tŷ Hen Farm and Caravan Club Site cater to campervans and offer beautiful views.

Newport Bay
Newport Bay


7. Manorbier:


– Landmarks: Visit the picturesque Manorbier Castle, set on a stunning coastal location.

– Historical Sites: Explore the medieval architecture of Manorbier Church and its beautiful surroundings.

– Activities: Relax on the sandy beach, go rock pooling, or enjoy coastal walks.

– Campsites: Trefalen Farm Campsite and Cresswell Barn Farm Camping offer campervan facilities near Manorbier.

Manorbier Castle
Manorbier Castle


8. Dale:


– Landmarks: Explore the charming village of Dale and its picturesque harbor.

– Historical Sites: Visit Dale Castle, a 13th-century fortress with stunning views of the Milford Haven waterway.

– Activities: Enjoy sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking in Dale Bay, or take a boat trip to Skomer Island to see puffins and seals. If you search “Pembrokeshire island boat trips” you’ll find a 15 minute boat trip to Skomer Island where you can see the dolphins, puffins and seals. You get aroun 3-4 hours on the island and the trip costs anything between £25 and £40 per person.

– Campsites: Dale Hill Farm and Dale Camping offer campervan facilities and proximity to the village.

Skomer Island
Skomer Island


9. Marloes Peninsula:


– Landmarks: Explore the rugged beauty of Marloes Peninsula, including the dramatic cliffs and remote sandy beaches.

– Historical Sites: Visit the remains of the Marloes Old Quay, which served as a trading port in the past.

– Activities: Take a boat trip to Skomer Island to see its incredible wildlife, including puffins and seabird colonies.

– Campsites: West Hook Farm Camping and Marloes Sands Camping provide campervan facilities near Marloes.

Marloes Peninsula
Marloes Peninsula


10. Broad Haven:


– Landmarks: Relax on the sandy beach of Broad Haven and enjoy its family-friendly atmosphere.

– Historical Sites: Visit the nearby Haroldston Dolmen, an ancient burial chamber dating back thousands of years.

– Activities: Enjoy water sports such as surfing and paddleboarding, or explore the nearby coastal paths and cliffs.

– Campsites: Broad Haven Caravan and Camping Park and Meadow Farm Campsite cater to campervan owners.

Haroldston Dolmen pembrokeshire
Haroldston Dolmen pembrokeshire

These are just a selection of the many destinations in Pembrokeshire. The county offers a wealth of natural beauty, historical sites, and outdoor activities, all of which can be enjoyed by campervan owners. Remember to check the availability and facilities of the campsites before planning your trip, as they may vary. Enjoy your campervan guide to Pembrokeshire!

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